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eye of ra

The Eye of Ra is an ancient Egyptian symbol of power and royalty. It is also a symbol of the sun god, Ra. The eye was often seen as a protective force, keeping evil and darkness at bay. Today, people who identify with the Eye of Ra see it as a symbol of strength, courage, and protection. For them, it is a reminder to stay vigilant and keep their inner light shining brightly.

The Eye of Ra was originally a symbol of protection in ancient Egypt

The Eye of Ra, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol, is steeped in history and mystery. It was created as a symbol to ward off evil and bring protection to those who believed in it. This powerful symbol could be found on shields, jewelry, tombs, and temples throughout Egypt. Even today, scholars seek to unlock its mysterious meanings to better understand the many rich facets of ancient Egyptian culture. Further research into the Eye of Ra is necessary to properly appreciate its importance throughout time.

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It is said to represent the sun god Ra’s power and authority

According to ancient mythology, this powerful symbol was meant to represent the god Ra’s power and strength; it is said to be endowed with magical forces. Much like a real eye, this ancient symbol could see all events happening on Earth at once and was used as a protective shield against evil. The Eye of Ra still stands today as both a powerful protector and a reminder of where our courage must come from – within ourselves!

The Eye of Ra was often used as a symbol of royal power or might

The Eye of Ra was a powerful symbol in Ancient Egypt, often used to signal the might and authority of the pharaoh. Historians believe that this image represented both physical and spiritual protection along with truth, justice, and equity. This powerful symbol could be found on temples, tombs, clothing, and different items used to adorn tombs. The Eye of Ra was sometimes referred to as the ‘all-seeing eye’ or the ‘eye of Horus’ and it expressed how Pharaohs strove to protect their people from any harm in any way. For this reason, The Eye of Ra remains an emblem of royal power even today.

What is the difference between the Eye of Ra and Horus?

The right eye represented the sun and was called the “Eye of Ra” while the left eye represented the moon and was known as the “eye of Horus”.

Bringing the sun into existence

Myths are a powerful tool for understanding our place in the world and passing down eternal truths. In Egyptian lore, one story speaks of this power with the symbol of the Eye of Ra. This eye is said to be the source from which the sun was formed, bringing light and warmth to the world. According to some beliefs, this same eye can be used by those who carry the knowledge of it to harness its great power in service of balance and justice. Much like its rumored effects over creation, this eye is thought to still wield authority over darkness whenever a person carries it righteously. As powerful as it may be, the use of such an artifact without respect could bring negative ramifications for the user.

Healing and protection from harm

The Eye of Ra is acclaimed to be the most powerful symbol found in ancient Egyptian traditions, associated with many aggrandizing qualities. In addition to being a tool for vengeance, the Eye of Ra is also renowned for its protective and healing properties. It is commonly believed that having an amulet engraved with a distinct symbol will protect a person from harm and ward off any bad energies. Legends have even said that having the Eye of Ra present in a home can bring fortune and health to all living there. Its abilities are so renowned that it has become one of the longest-cherished symbols of protection, recognition, and perseverance in history.

A symbol of power and strength in many cultures around the world

Today, this iconic amulet is still found in countless forms of artwork and jewelry, not just in Egypt, but also across other continents in countries such as India, Japan, and America. It is proudly worn to represent strength, power, and courage in the face of adversity. Such endurance indicates its timeless value across many cultures around the world!

The Eye of Ra is a powerful symbol that has been used for centuries to represent strength, protection, and royal power. Today, you can find this symbol in many cultures around the world. If you want to add some power and strength to your life, consider using the Eye of Ra as part of your logo or branding strategy.


No matter which faith or culture you associate with Hamsa has an inspiring meaning that provides protection and good luck throughout life’s journey. As it originated from so many different sources, Hamsa holds a special place in many people’s hearts and is seen as a unifying force in humanity. Its power transcends religion, race, and gender – making Hamsa one of the most beloved symbols around the world.

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No matter which faith or culture you associate with Hamsa has an inspiring meaning that provides protection and good luck throughout life’s journey.

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