Is It Ok to Wear The Evil Eye As a Christian?

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Levantine Christians call it the hand of Mary (Arabic: Kef Miryam, or the “Virgin Mary’s Hand”). In Ezekiel 13:20 (NIV), God condemns the utilization of charms to ensnare people, saying “I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds….” A talisman such as the Hamsa can be a snare for believers if they put their faith in its supposed magical power instead of relying on God’s protection and blessing. As Christians, we don’t need any good luck charm or amulet to fortify us from evil–our dependence should lie solely in our almighty Father.


While the Evil Eye is a powerful symbol with many different meanings, it is important to consider that wearing it as a Christian may cause some conflicting beliefs. In Christianity, evil and negative energies are rejected; however, the traditional purpose of the Evil Eye is to ward off misfortune and negative influences. Some Christian believers view it as being connected with ancient pagan practices and teachings, while others see no issue with wearing the symbol and believe it to be harmless jewelry. Ultimately, everyone must make their own decision on if they feel comfortable wearing an Evil Eye or not.

Contrary to Islamic beliefs, placing trust in the Evil Eye to protect against evil spirits is considered incompatible with Christianity’s essential teachings. To rely on something other than Jesus Christ would be deemed as creating an idol that takes away from our faith in Him.

While empty charms have no power in themselves, we can still appreciate the beauty of Hamsa’s hand in its manifold artistic forms and use it to evoke the power, presence, and love that God has for us. We should also think carefully about how our utilization of this symbol might influence our testimony; by avoiding superstition-based illusions, we safeguard against any inadvertent propagation.

But regardless of religious beliefs, it is important to create your own path in life and make decisions that are best for you. If wearing an Evil Eye brings you comfort, protection, or confidence then it can be a powerful tool.



No matter which faith or culture you associate with Hamsa has an inspiring meaning that provides protection and good luck throughout life’s journey. As it originated from so many different sources, Hamsa holds a special place in many people’s hearts and is seen as a unifying force in humanity. Its power transcends religion, race, and gender – making Hamsa one of the most beloved symbols around the world.

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No matter which faith or culture you associate with Hamsa has an inspiring meaning that provides protection and good luck throughout life’s journey.

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