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No matter which faith or culture you associate with Hamsa has an inspiring meaning that provides protection and good luck throughout life’s journey.

As it originated from so many different sources, Hamsa holds a special place in many people’s hearts and is seen as a unifying force in humanity. 

Its power transcends religion, race, and gender – making Hamsa one of the most beloved symbols around the world.

My name is David Mayer.

I have lived in Israel all my life. Until the age of 20, I lived a religious way of life. It was only during military service that I met and became close friends with unreligious people.

Today I’m nearly 40 years old and living a secular life with my beautiful wife Shir. Today I can speak for myself; I realize that religion, is a bubble in the spiritual sea; And seeing religious figures acting as the last of the criminals as a young man, made me ask a lot of questions.

On this site, I started to answer about the Hamsa Hand, which is one of the most symbols associated with the spiritual world.

I hope you’ll find this site useful. 
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